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Reading Thai Newspapers

Title: Reading Thai Newspapers

A Talking Textbook

Hugh Leong with Catherine Wentworth

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Like me, when you started to read Thai, you probably read everything you could get your eyes on, including Thai children stories and probably all of Aesopís Fables in Thai. Now it might be time to graduate.

That is why I wrote Reading Thai Newspapers. This book is meant to be used by the individual as a teach-yourself tool to help practice some of the skills one needs to acquire in order to read a Thai newspaper or magazine article.  Reading Thai Newspapers has 13 lessons with line-by-line translations, a glossary of "newspaper" vocabulary, and all articles are accompanied by a recording of the article (innovatively embedded into the eBook itself), read by a Thai News Reader. This makes our book a Talking Textbook, something no paper textbook could be.

This is fairly high-level Thai so check out our Free Lesson Download to see if the level is appropriate for you.



13 Lessons, 77 pages, illustrated, with 13 embedded recordings,  in PDF format.  Can be viewed on :

  • Windows PC
  • Apple Computers
  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • Blackberries,
  • Palm Pilot
  • Android
  • All devices that can read PDF files

Note: Currently, the embedded recordings do not work on the iPhones.


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Sample Text


Free Download

Sample Lesson 1 of Reading Thai Newspapers.  Try the reading practice, vocabulary building, and listening to the Thai News Reader.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction      

  • Exercises 1 - 25 

  • Translations       

  • Glossary              

  • Some English Words Written In Thai       

  • Some Common Abbreviations Used By Newspapers      

  • Newspaper Web Links  

  • Online Thai/English Dictionaries Links     

Note about the author:

Hugh first came to Thailand in 1969 as a Peace Corps volunteer and has lived here on and off since then. In 2001 he and his wife Pikun started doing a staggered retirement in Chiang Mai, 4 months here, 8 months back in Seattle. Since 2007 they have lived permanently in Chiang Mai. Hugh is a fluent Thai speaker and writes regular articles on learning the Thai language.

He has written for the Bangkok Post, the Asia Magazine, the Far Eastern Economic Review, and currently has a regular column, A Retiring Attitude - Tips on Retiring to Thailand, for Chiang Mai City Life magazine. He was an English instructor at Chiang Mai University and is a former director of AUA Chiang Mai, and has traveled to more than 40 countries. He has written an English textbook series for the Thai professional market called Professional English for Thailand.  He writes the column Thai Language/Thai Culture for the very popular

Hugh occasionally gives talks to Expat groups and prospective retirees to Thailand. He writes and maintains the website and the blog


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