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Occidental Adam, Oriental Eve

Title: Occidental Adam, Oriental Eve

and Other Stories of Thailand

John Cadet

Retired Life in Thailand - Cover


Popular as a "paper" book, Occidental Adam, Oriental Eve is now available as an eBook.  John Cadet has been in Thailand long enough (since the 1960s) to understand how relationships in Thailand work.  The stories in Occidental Adam, Oriental Eve are gleaned from these experiences.

What reviewers say:

One of the best authors working in English in this country …he takes us into the homes, lives and minds of a broad array of well-drawn characters…(He paints) a portrait of this country … that is accurate and admirably complete, something that every author strives for and few achieve.  -  Steve Rosse in the Phuket Review 

Cadet writes well, no doubt of that. He has a sharp ear for the nuances of speech, a touch of Angus Wilson in his more hilarious short stories.  -  Michael Smithies in the Bangkok Post 

And about John Cadet’s The Ramakien

A work no major library should be without.”  - Library Journal 

One of the most perfect marriages of art and literature I have seen.  - Henry Willis Wells, Indologist 


99 Short Stories, 99 pages, in PDF format.  Can be viewed on :

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Sample Text

From Back to Nature

 “Last night you very naughty.” 

Her knee touched gently against his, so that he glanced down involuntarily – he could see the faint blue line of the vein on the inside of her thigh. 

            “Naughty?” he said, looking up with an effort.  

She was so close that the lemon fragrance of her perfume washed over him. 

            “How you dance with me,” she said.  “My husband very angry.” 

            “Your husband! But he wasn’t there.” Fragments of the long evening began to drift back to him, flotsam from a night of ship-wreck. 

They had started at her house and gone on to the Lido – he, Mrs. Vee and some of her friends; and when the Lido had closed they had continued at some other places – the Naturist, Rina’s, the Waikiki among them. They had all been the same: dark, expensive and abysmally noisy. And out of unutterable boredom he had a great deal to drink, and might well have been as she claimed he was – ‘naughty’.  All he could recall though was the boredom, and snatches of what she had told him about a man called Marshall, who, she claimed – her eyes gleaming – was always making advances to her. Try as he might, he couldn’t remember her husband being at any of the places they’d visited, and it seemed to him that whatever his condition that would have made some sort of impression.  


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Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • English 304

  • Back to Nature

  • Mr. Pandu’s Quarter Hour

  • Tammy and George

  • Traveler’s Tale

  • The Brute, the Monster

  • Occidental Adam, Oriental Eve

  • A Pair of Black Lace Panties

  • A Taste of Lotus

  • Spirit of the Place


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Note about the author:

John Cadet was born in London but has spent most of his life in East and Southeast Asia. During his early years in Thailand he was news editor of the Bangkok World newspaper, initiated and edited a news program for Thai TV FM Multiplex, was a correspondent for the London Daily Mail, and taught at the Royal School at Chitrlada Palace. He was also a member of the Siam Society, contributing to its journal on the subject of the Ramakien. Since 1975 he has lived in Chiang Mai, for some years teaching literature at Payap University and latterly acting as an English language advisor for Chiang Mai University. Apart from his exceptionally well-received short stories, his Ramakien: the Thai Epic has been in print for forty years, and the collected journalism of Monks, Mountains and Magic presents a lively picture of his adopted homeland. He is currently researching a piece of Buddhist literature and hopes to publish it shortly under the title, Vessantara: Thunderbolt into Lotus. 


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