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Lali's Passage

Title: Lali's Passage

Burmese Beauty Escapes from Brothel to Native American Hills of California

Ken Albertsen


Lali's Passage a novel- has sold over 1,000 copies as a "paper" book at Asia Books in Thailand.  Now it is available as an eBook.

Lali, a lascivious young Burmese lady, is 'discovered' in northern Thailand by Lee - who takes her to the States to embark on a modeling career. In San Francisco, Lali gets kidnapped, then winds up hanging with a rock group.

As the story unfolds, we see Lali's inner strength and guile called into play with each new challenge - including being kidnapped and then finding herself lost in a forest wilderness and adopted by a 'back to the land' commune. The story resolves back in SE Asia for a gripping treasure hunt at a Burmese temple.

Kidnapped a second time, Lali winds up adopted by a new age Native American forest commune. The story wraps up back in SE Asia, with a treasure hunt beneath a Burmese Temple.

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What readers say about Lali's Passage :

"This book had a lot of details as to what southeast Asia is really like. Lali was a delightful character! I enjoyed following her story and seeing the world through her eyes. She was refreshingly innocent in her own way! All-in-all, I found this book to be a very good debut novel that anyone interested in Asia would enjoy!"  - Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

"I really enjoyed reading the book. The tale of Lali's adventures as she struggles to cope with the complexities of western culture is both hilarious and thought provoking. With a treasure hunt thrown in, Lali's Passage is a book well worth reading." - Marge Robbins, Book Review

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Sample Text

Chapter 6  Lali

     Since I was fifteen, I had only been back one time to my home town. My mama san boss in Thailand trusted me enough to let me go visit my family for Songkran holiday time. When the taxi pulled up at the dusty   center of Nyaungshwe town in Burma, no one was there to greet me. I walked home alone with so much emotion in my chest, fearful of whether my mother would judge me too harshly for being a bar girl - something she swore to my father that she would never allow to happen. I was also giddy with anticipation of seeing how people and things had changed in the five years I'd been away. Turning the corner to my street, I came across a group of kids jumping rope while singing 'Two Flowers Given Bring Two Smiles,' a song that became popular when I was a kid. I wondered which ones I knew as babies. They stopped singing and turned their smiley faces to stare with crinkled curiosity but no one called my name.

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Table of Contents

  • 1.  One Hundred and Eighty One years later

  • 2.  Fifty Five Years Later

  • 3.  Warm Hands One

  • 4.  Warm Hands Two

  • 5.  Westward Ho

  • 6.  Lali

  • 7.  Rubber to Asphalt

  • 8.  Tim's Land

  • 9.  Ward Of State

  • 10.  Swing Low Sweet Laundry Line

  • 11.  Self Sequestered

  • 12.   Moon in Capricorn

  • 13.   Set Free

  • 14.  Down The Not So Lonesome Highway

  • 15.  All About Face

  • 16.  Further Afield

  • 17.  Cafe Quorum

  • 18.  Beyond The Twilight Zone

  • 19.  Momento of Truth

  • 20.  Tim in Asia

  • 21.  To A Lake Called Inle

  • 22.  Mother Nature's Daughter

  • About the Author      


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