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How to Make a Living in Paradise

Title: How to Make a Living in Paradise

Phillip Wylie writing under the name of Chris Cummings

Retired Life in Thailand - Cover


How to Make a Living in Paradise is for anyone seeking enhanced quality of life in another country. The intended readership is adults (age, 20s to 60s) who are considering major lifestyle change, planning a new life overseas or ex-pats seeking a secondary income source.

How to Make a Living in Paradise is well-researched and packed with resources enabling readers to make a living in paradise safely, doing what they enjoy most. Cummings covers buying a business, freelance consulting, buying a franchise, employment and volunteering overseas.

The ten most popular ways of making a living overseas which are covered are– employment with an international or foreign-owned company; teaching English, owning a local tourist-oriented business; real estate & business brokering; property development & management; on-line trading & auctions; freelance consulting of specialist services; writing & publishing; volunteering; website development; import/export & manufacturing; on-line day trading of the financial markets.


What reviewers say about How to Make a Living in Paradise:

This is a well-written and informative book which is very easy to read. Despite the subject matter, how to run a business or otherwise make money abroad, the use of examples and case studies make it all a breeze to understand. This is no heavy business tome. It does what it says on the tin. It tells you how to make a living in Paradise. - Kay McMahon

Exceptionally well researched, written and put together book all about going to live, work and make a strong living abroad specifically in Southeast Asia.  -

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Many escapees take an initial reconnaissance trip to their favored destination before actually relocating. This strategy allows you to plan your escape with minimal risk before making any major life decisions. A 2 – 3 week trip may be long enough to establish contacts, arrange long-term accommodation and investigate local work or business opportunities.

The main advantages of a reconnaissance trip to paradise are listed below:

Avoid quitting your job or business before you have the confidence to turn your dreams into reality Identify what you need to take to paradise when you finally leave Establish a monthly budget for your living expenses View rooms and apartments available for rent (on a monthly basis) and collect contact details of suitable landlords

Meet the local expatriates and learn about visas, work permits, work and business opportunities Identify products for sale locally which would sell for a good profit in your home country (to finance the trip) Estimate how much money you will need until you support yourself in paradise Arrange for a sponsorship letter from a suitable organization to enable you to apply for a one year business visa (if appropriate) Make some friends and enjoy your holiday!


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Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Preparing For The Escape

  • Chapter 2: Keys To Survival

  • Chapter 3: Buying An Independent Business

  • Chapter 4: Buying A Franchise

  • Chapter 5: Working Freelance

  • Chapter 6: Alternative Approaches

  • Chapter 7: Popular Ways To Earn A Living

  • Useful Website Addresses

  • Glossary Of Terms

  • About The Author


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Note about the author:

Philip Wylie was born in Liverpool. He worked in the UK as a financial manager for top international firms and SMEs before starting his own publishing company. In 2002 Philip traveled to Asia, and decided to live in Northern Thailand. Since living in Southeast Asia, Philip facilitated workshops in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. He worked as franchise manager for Sunbelt Asia in Chiang Mai before writing a book for Paiboon Publishing, entitled 'How To Establish a Successful Business in Thailand' - Philip writes books for his current publisher, Fast Track Publishing ( He lives with his Thai girlfriend, Bee, who loves cooking - a blessing because both Philip and Bee love Thai food!


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