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How to get set up and what is the cost to the author?

Set Up


There is a one time set up cost of 500 baht or the cost of one book copy, whichever is less (for setting up the web pages dedicated to the author's eBook, see below). But the set up cost is not collected until a sale is made (so you have no up front costs). The set up cost is taken off the top (from the first remittance to the author).


Authors Take


The author gets the total sales price of the eBook, minus a 20% eBooks in Thailand service fee. The author retains 80% of the sale price of the eBook.




Compare this to other eBook sites whose take can be as much as 50%-65%, and to hard copy book publishers who will take 90% or more of the sale price.


What does the author receive as a service from eBooks in Thailand:


1.   An announcement on eBooks in Thailand’s main web page, including:

  • Picture of book cover
  • Book description
  • Sample writing from book
  • Link to book’s individual web page
  • Info about the author

2.   Book’s individual web page, including:

  • Picture of book cover
  • Marketing type blurbs about book
  • Link to table of contents
  • Sample writing from book
  • Info about the author
  • Buy Now button, collections in both dollars or baht

3.   Table of Contents page, including:

  • Picture of book cover
  • Table of contents list
  • Sample writing from book
  • Buy Now button, collections in both dollars or baht


eBooks in Thailand will do our best to direct prospective buyers to our site through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.


The picture of the book cover, description, sample writing, marketing blurbs, table of contents, info on the author, all will be sent to eBooks in Thailand by the author. The author controls what is said about the book and what is shown in on the web pages.


What does the eBook author need to do?


Write your book.

Note that it is important to have an "active" table of contents. People may be reading the eBooks on iPhones and eBook readers and an active TOC will enable them to jump to where they want to go instead of scroll. If you you aren't sure of how to do this we can help.

The author sends eBooks in Thailand a copy of the eBook, preferably in PDF format. If that is not possible then send it as a Word doc and we will convert it.


Here is a paragraph that was sent to a prospective author explaining just how easy it is to get started:


Your book needs to basically be ready to be published as an eBook.  Your book should be proofed, have all the illustrations that you want to include embedded and have a table of contents.  Since some of the books might be read using eReaders it is best to have an active TOC (hyperlinks the TOC selection to the chapter page).  If you have a .doc Word MS you can do it from there.  If you aren't sure how to do that just send me the .doc and I can do it for you.  I can glean the book cover picture from your MS.  You should send me a sample of the writing from the book that you would like people to see and a short About the Author that you would like people to know about.  I am recommending that some people allow for a free Chapter download.  It is sort of the equivalent of allowing the prospective buyer to leaf through your book.  Look at some of the books we present.  Some also have a giveaway free eBook with the purchase of your main book.


Before going online we will show the eBook’s web pages and the formatted eBook to the author for inspection. If any changes need to be made the author will inform us. When the author says it is a "go" then we will go live.

The eBook is bought when a buyer clicks on the "Buy Now" button, goes to his PayPal account, and buys the eBook. eBooks in Thailand is immediately informed that a sale has been made. We then email the buyer the purchased eBook which can be easily downloaded to his computer.

From there the eBook can be transferred to other media. The eBook can be read on Windows PC, Apple computers, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberries, Palm, Andriod and all other devices that can read PDF files

The author is sent a remittance at the end of each month. This will be through a PayPal account which the author must set up if one doesn’t yet exist.

The author will be informed each month of the number of eBooks sold.

eBooks in Thailand is merely the outlet for the author’s work. The author owns all rights and can do whatever he/she wants with the book, distribute it in any manner, sell it on other eBook sites, sell it on his/her own website, sell it on Amazon, publish a hard copy version, or give it away.

Think of it as a book left "on consignment" with eBooks in Thailand.

The easiest way to tell people how and where to get your book is to give them the eBooks in Thailand website, This can be done through personal emails, announcements on other websites, Facebook and other social networking media, personal blogs, etc.


Would you like to learn more?

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