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eBooks in Thailand - About Us

How did we begin?

eBooks in Thailand was started when I wanted to begin selling my book Retired Life in Thailand.  I already had a few textbooks published by a "real" publisher and, happy days, my new book was accepted by them.  But after more than a year of waiting, the book had not moved up in their publishing queue.  Looked like my "baby" would never see the light of the printer's ink.  I thought about going the "vanity" or self-publishing, paper-book rout.  But I discovered how much printing would cost, what it would take to distribute the book, and then what I would need to do to collect any proceeds it might produce.  That was too much of a hassle.

Then I saw my son reading something on his iPhone.  I had forgotten, we had already entered the 21st century.  I would publish an eBook.

I already had a distribution system since I have my own website, a blog and a Facebook page.  And a few friends offered to point to my book from their sites.  I could offer the book on all of them.

Why eBooks in Thailand?

I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand and write a column on retirement (A Retiring Attitude) for Chiang Mai City Life magazine.  My column and my website introduce me to a large number of Expats living here in Thailand.  A lot of them have been writing about their adoptive country.  And just like me, they have problems getting their work published.  eBooks in Thailand would become a service to help my fellow authors get their work "out there".

What does eBooks in Thailand offer?

We offer the reader inexpensive books, written by informative authors, in a format that is readable by Windows and Apple PCs, and most eBook readers (those using PDF files).

We offer the author a means to distribute their work, take home the lion share of the eBook's sale price, and at the same time retain all rights to publish their work anywhere else they wish.  See the Authors Page for more information.


Would you like to learn more?

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