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Retired Living, and Thai Culture

We bring you eBooks written for people who are living or hoping to live in the Land of Smiles. For the reader, we offer a low-cost outlet for books with interesting perspectives on many aspects of living, working and retiring in Thailand. For the authors, we offer a means for them to distribute their work without going through the cost and work of self publishing. eBooks in Thailand basically carries the authors' books "on consignment".

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Retired Life in Thailand

Hugh Leong

$9.95 or ฿320 (New Discount Price)


Thoughts on Retiring to the Land of Smiles

Retired Life in Thailand is a sharing of experiences from my years of being retired here and helping prospective retirees, and includes my writings from magazine articles and blog posts with a lot of added information. 

Download Chapter 1 for free and see our free book offer with Retired Life in Thailand.


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The Expat Woman's Guide to Living in Thailand

Amy Starkey Praphantanathorn

$14.95 or ฿480


The ONLY guide book for foreign women in Thailand!

The Expat Woman's Guide to Living in Thailand is a guide book and directory addressing the concerns that foreign women have when moving to and living in Thailand. Letís face it, most websites and guidebooks for expats in Thailand are for men since there are far fewer women in residence.


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How to Make a Living in Paradise

Phillip Wylie writing under the name of Chris Cummings

$19.95 or ฿640

  How to Make a Living in Paradise is for anyone seeking enhanced quality of life in another country. The intended readership is adults (age, 20s to 60s) who are considering major lifestyle change, planning a new life overseas or ex-pats seeking a secondary income source.  

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Reading Thai Newspapers

Hugh Leong (with Catherine Wentworth and Ajarn Pairoh)

$6.95 or ฿225


A Talking Textbook

Like me, when you started to read Thai, you probably read everything you could get your eyes on, including street signs, Thai children stories, and probably all of Aesopís Fables in Thai. Now it might be time to graduate.

Download Chapter 1 for free


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Digital Postcards of Thailand


$12.50 or ฿399


399 digital postcards on CD Rom

Photographs are often our most treasured souvenirs from our vacations and our journeys abroad.  Digital Postcards of Thailand is a compilation of hundreds of professional photographs from all over this stunningly beautiful country .  More than just separate pictures, Digital Postcards of Thailand can be viewed individually, in a digital flip-through virtual photo album, as screen savers, or in a music-accompanied slideshow.

Digital Postcards of Thailand is a great reminder of your visit to Thailand, The Land of Smiles.


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Occidental Adam, Oriental Eve

John Cadet

$6.95 or ฿225


and Other Stories of Thailand

Popular as a "paper" book, Occidental Adam, Oriental Eve is now available as an eBook.  John Cadet has been in Thailand long enough (since the 1960s) to understand how relationships in Thailand work.  The stories in Occidental Adam, Oriental Eve are gleaned from these experiences.



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Looking for Mr. Rin

Lawrence Whiting

$11.95 or ฿375


A Family's Roots in Northeast Thailand

Looking for Mr Rin begins as a memoir of the author ís developing relationship with his father-in-law and with his family which has its roots in Phana, a small town in Isan, where the cultures of Thailand and Laos mix. The author offers us the privilege of getting to know some of the people and places he came to know and love in Thailand and how he, his wife Pensri and their two children began to establish a life there and later in Laos before eventually moving to England.


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The Adventurer's Guide to Early Retirement

Billy & Akaisha Kaderli

$14.95 or ฿490


A Common Sense Approach

Written by Early Retirees for Early Retirees and Dreamers

The most popular Early Retirement book - Powerful     Practical     Substantive



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Buddhism in Thailand

Lawrence Whiting

$11.95 or ฿375


A guide for Expats and visitors

Almost all visitors to Thailand will come into contact with Buddhism in some way. There are more than 200,000 monks in Thailand so you will see monks and novices out and about on the streets. There are more than 30,000 temples (wat in Thai) so you will see and may visit a temple, or several. Those lucky enough to spend some time with a Thai family will find themselves witnessing and even participating in many of the rituals and customs that are part of everyday Buddhism in Thailand.

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eBooks by Ken Albertsen

Ken Albertsen has published a number of popular "paper" books in Thailand.  Now they are available as eBooks.


Farmsteading in Thailand

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$4.50 or ฿150  


A Bunch of True Happenings

Farmsteading in Thailand chronicles the ten years of challenges in developing a homestead in northeast Thailand Ė starting out with no connections, no handle on the language, and little seed money.

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Fasting for Health and Highness





"Fasting is the greatest remedy Ė the physician within."

Philippus Paracelsus, pioneering Swiss physician

A personís body is continually trying to cleanse itself. One of the healthiest things a person can do is to facilitate that process. Thatís what a proper fast does.

Basically, a cleansing fast is a way to flush toxins out of the body.

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$4.50 or ฿150 


Lali's Passage

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$4.50 or ฿150


Lali's Passage a novel- has sold over 1,000 copies as a "paper" book at Asia Books in Thailand.  Now it is available as an eBook.

Lali, a lascivious young Burmese lady, is 'discovered' in northern Thailand by Lee - who takes her to the States to embark on a modeling career. In San Francisco, Lali gets kidnapped, then winds up hanging with a rock group.

Kidnapped a second time, Lali winds up adopted by a new age Native American forest commune. The story wraps up back in SE Asia, with a treasure hunt beneath a Burmese Temple.

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Egats ThaiTanic - Why Nuclear Power Plants are not Good for Thailand, by Ken Albertsen









The Retired Bloke's Siamese eCookbook  (Free Download)

Darin Wayne

Here's your free download of the eCookBook A Retired Bloke's Siamese eCookbook.  Written for the person (in Thailand or not) who is simply tired of going out the eat at restaurants every night.  Great Thai food in easy recipes. 

If you are in Thailand and don't speak much Thai simply copy off the recipes with its list of ingredients (with the Thai translations) and bring that with you to the market. If you tell the food sellers what you are making they will be happy to get you what you need.

Language note:

Each recipe includes a discussion of some of the Thai words that make up the ingredients. If you know the origin of a word it is much easier to remember it when you go on down to the market and have to tell the vendor in Thai what it is you are looking for.

Simply download and "save a copy" to your PC or eBook reader.

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